Terms of use

General Terms and Conditions
Present document (henceforth: Terms) contains the terms and conditions of the online
advertisement and other supplementary services, available on the E4SPORT.COM online
classified advertisement website (http://e4sport.com, henceforth: E4SPORT.COM), that
is operated by Gabala Péter EV. (henceforth: Service Provider).
The effect of this „General terms and Conditions” extends to the contractual
relationships of the provider’s website and under domain (https://e4sport.com). This
„general terms and conditions” is available on the: https://e4sport.com/info/1-terms-of-use
This document is not meant to be for registering, it stays in electronic format. It is not
classified as a written contract, and not point to at any
behaviour codes.
Name of the Provider: Gabala Péter E.V.
Registered Office: H-1038 Budapest, Hanga köz 2/e.
Contacts of the Provider for maintaining relationships and e-mail address:
Registration-number: 44494213
Tax-number: 76425958241
EU tax-number: HU76425958
Name of the registry authority: Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala III. Kerületi Hivatal
Telephone number: +36 30 475 3366
Data Protection Registry/Register Number: NAIH-97789/2016.
Language of contract: Hungarian
Name and address of the domain provider:
Tárhely.eu Szolgáltató Kft.
1144 Budapest, Ormánság u. 4.
Tel: 789 2 789

Advertisement: the advertisements based on the point d) of the Act XLVIII of 2008 on
tha Basic Requrements and certain Restrictions of Commercial Advertising Activities
and any other information that is not counted as advertisement, any content placed on
websites, PR-item, or any ad that can be searched in the database.
User: natural person, legal person or organization without legal personality, who can
view, login or use the website of the Service Provider in any other way regardless
he/she professes about it. Based on present Terms all advertiser counts as User too.
Users are divided into 2 groups:
1. Visitor: Can surf on the website freely and authorized to buy the liked
products for himself/herself. His/her permission is limited on browsing and
2. Advertiser: User, for whom the Service Provider publish Advertisement, and
who orders the publish of the Advertisement for their own sake.
Scope and Premise:
1.1. Regarding issues not regulated in the present terms and conditions and for
the interpretation of the present terms and conditions Hungarian legislation
is authoritative with special regard to the relevant parts of Act V of 2013 on
the Civil Code (“Ptk.”) and Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of the
information society and electronic trade services (Elker. tv.) Compulsory
statements of the relevant legislations are authoritative for the parties
without separate conditions.
1.2. Present terms and conditions is authoritative from the 9th of January 2017
until withdrawal. Service Provider has the right to modify one-sidedly the
terms and conditions. Service Provider publishes the modifications on the
websites 11 days in advance. Users by using the websites accept that all
regulations related to the use of the websites are automatically effective on
1.3. Users entering or reading any content of the website operated by the Service
Provider – even if they are not registered users of the website –
acknowledge the content of the terms and conditions as obligatory for
themselves. In case the user does not accept the terms and conditions has no
right to view the content of the website.
1.4. Service Provider reserves all rights in relation to the website or its any part
and content and to the distribution of the website. Download, electronic
storage, processing and selling any part of the content on the webshop are
prohibited without written consent of the Service Provider.
Basic regulations
1. When the Advertiser register ont he website the Service Provider creates a
substantive user account for the Advertiser, which identify the User with his/her
given e-mail address.
2. The Advertiser has the opportunity to reach all of the features of the website and
he/she can start to use these opportunities. After the registration the Advertiser
can access his/her own admin interface.
3. With the deletion of the account the legal relationship, regulated in present
Terms, leaves off.
4. With the beginning of the use of the Service, a contract comes off between the
User and Service Provider with conditions phrased in present Regulation. The
uploaded data and the data in connection with the used service verify the effect
of the contract.
5. The releasement of an ad on the website is free of charge.
6. If the Advertiser wants to realease his/her ad highlighted, fee must be paid.
7. It is prohibited to advertise products on E4SPORT.COM, that conflict into law.
Products like these are stolen, or these are from crime or missapliedly traded;
fake, or falsified; or the publishment and the advertisement of these products
tresspass on any third-party’s rights; or copies of products, that are under
copyright protection.
8. It is prohibited to place advertisement that contains false, incorrect or misleading
informations, or conflict into present Terms.
9. Ads can not be released, that:
• Advertise any nutritional supplement,
• Offers entry into a franchise sales network or multi-level marketing
(MLM) system,
• Calls up on sending a reply envelope or payment of money,
• Is offending,
• is no regard for the assessment of the public opinion and human dignity,
• may cause serious or widespread resistance or breakdown.
10. It is also prohibited to:
• publish any obscene or pornographic content, offer sexual service, or show
any content that conflicts accepted principles of morality;
• offer products that have unlawful marketing (for example: drugs) or
products that are license required to trade with (for example: weapons,
medicines, dangerous items), or unmarketable products (for example:
cheques or vouchers for travel, dining, unauthorized food, untransfarable
• publish content or refer to content that offend or endanger the repute,
business, assessment, especially the assessment of its services of the Service
11. Service Provider reserves all rights in relation to the website or its any part and
content and to the distribution of the website.
12. Price of the banners are determined by the unique offer of the Provider and/or it
uses fixed fees.
13. With the approval of present Terms, the User takes notice of that the Service
Provider has unlimited usage right concerning uploaded images (multiplication,
sharing, publicity). Above-mentioned provision does not prevent the User’s usage
of the rights related to copyright.
14. It is prohibited to download, store, process, or sell any content of the website
without the contribution of the Service Provider. It is mandatory to link the
website, even if there is a contribution in case of takeover of any content from the
website or its database.
15. With regard to that the content of the website could be changed independently of
the Service Provider – if there is no operative enactment – the Service Provider
does not bear the responsibility of the content of the website.
16. The Service Provider takes no responsibility for contents, that were created or
published by third-party, were uploaded to the system of the Service Provider by
a third-party or for contents where the websites refer to.
17. The Service Provider can delete the advertisement without any prior notification,
if it was uploaded in the wrong category, contains obscene words, wrongdoer,
does not reflect the reality, or it conflicts the Terms in any other way.
18. It is not allowed to advertise any nutritional supplement, alcholic liquid, harmful
19. It is not allowed to publish the same ad repeatedly at the same time.
20. The Service Provider maintains its right to change or terminate, change the look
of, place its own service’s advertisement on any content of the E4SPORT.COM
without any previous notification .
21. The Service Provider can restrict the publication of advertisements, if it is
considered that the contents, the products or the advertisements, etc. do not fit in
the profil of the site.
22. The Service Provider takes no responsibility for websites, which were refered to
by the links of the Advertisers. If there is any problem with these links, the
Service Provider has no responsibility at all and the service fees in progress are
absolutely the Service Provider’s due.
23. The Service Provider maintains its right, that the content of the website can be
changed anytime or the accessibility of the content can be terminated, based on
present Terms. The Service Provider does not guarantee that the access to the
websites are always smooth.
1. By publishing an ad/registrating on the website the user states that he/she
understands and accepts the present terms and conditions together with the data
handling information and agrees to data handling and Privacy Policy.
2. The User is obliged to give valid data of his/her own in the course of registration.
Service Provider takes no responsibility when the User uses the service using the
data of a third party.
3. Service Provide takes no responsibility for any delay or other problems, failures
resulted from inaccurate and/or insufficient data given by the User.
4. Service Provider takes no responsibility for any loss caused by that the User
forgot his/her password or it became accessible to unauthorized persons as a
result of any reason for which the Service Provider cannot be responsible.
Steps of digital contracting
1. The contract that is about the requisition of the services of the website of the
Service Provider is made with the filling of the registration form in digital form.
2. The Advertiser gives his/her own data that are necessary for the contract in the
course of the order.
3. Correction of data: The Advertiser can jump back to the previous phase to correct
his data, before he/she finalizes the requisition of the service.
4. The Advertiser gets a confirmation e-mail after the service-order has been
placed. If this confirmation does not get to the Advertiser in expected deadline or
at latest in 48 hours, the Advertiser is quit of the offer validity or the obligation of
the contract. The order and the confirmation of it is considered to be completed
when it is fully accessable for the Advertiser. The Service Provider takes no
responsibility if the confirmation does not get to the Advertiser, because a wrong
e-mail address was given at the registration, or the storage of the e-mail address
is full.
5. The contract is live from the day, when the Advertiser has filled out the
registration form corrrectly, and accepted the points of the Terms, and the
Service Provider confirmed the service.
6. As soon as the service has been activated, the Service Provider send an e-mail
about the establishment of the contract for the Advertiser.
7. The User notes that if he/she give false data in the digital registration form, or
give data of someone else, the contract is invalid. In case of invalidity the
Advertiser bound to pay the fees of the used services to the Service Provider and
the Service Provider do not refund the paid amount.
8. The Service Provider tackles that the Services are constantly provided for the
Advertiser according to its possibilities, if the Advertiser fulfill the conditions of
the service according to present Terms.
9. For the activation of the paid-services, onset of the fees is necessary for the
Service Provider. The Service Provider tackles that after the income of the fee, the
service is immediately operable.
10. The Advertiser is bound to pay the all-time timeous price of the pay-service to
the Service Provider.
11. The charge is fulfilled, when it has been completely credited on the account of the
Service Provider. The card-carrying needs to be the same person as the
purchaser on the bill of the Service Provider.
Conditions of the advertisement
1. The extra services:
Distinction: the advertisement of the User appers in the result list as emphasized
and highlighted with special color for 7 days.
Pre-sorting: the advertisement of the User appears among the pre-sorted
advertisements at the beginning of the result list. The pre-sorted ads appear by
2. The products have to fit in the categories of E4SPORT.COM. The advertisement
needs to contain a short description of the advertised product, it has to be well
detailed, the advertisement needs to be about the exact product. Each ad can only
contains one product. Except if the User advertises more products as a package
on a specific price or offer exchange. In every other case the Provider moderates
the ad, calls the User to advertise his/her products separately.
3. It is prohibited to place any link, which refers to another advertiser website in
the advertisement. Other types of links can be placed in the advertisement by the
User, but they need to refer to the advertised product.
4. Only once can be an ad uploaded by a particular user. If for any reason the User
decides to resubmit the product, then the User has to delete the previous ad
containing the same content. It is prohibited to submit ads with the same
5. Users can only have one account, except the Service Provider allowed it in a
special case. If a User provably did imposition (for example: trying to register
with several e-mail addresses), the Service Provider calls upon to stop his/her
contrary act. If the User does not stop his/her act in 11 days, the Service Provider
can delete the account.
1. The actuation of the E4SPORT.COM is performed as Intermediary service,
according to commissions of Ekrtv. Service Provide takes no responsibility for
the contracts, advertisements, offers that are not came from the Service Provider
2. The Service Provider assumes 99,5% availability. The Service Provider takes no
responsibility for errors over this margin. Other tasks that are maintained by
other service providers are not included in this obligation.
3. The Service Provider is not burdened by responsibility if there is any breakdown
or error, that are because of another service provider.
4. The Advertiser takes all of the responsibilities for any advertisement of him/her
placed on the website or on any website of the Service Provider, for any of
his/her products, images or for legal compliance of any content, and for the usage
of the service with exceptions stated in the law.
5. The Advertiser takes all the responsibilities of the content, display, and the
reality of his/her advertisement. The Service Provider takes no responsibility for
the injuries and discommodities, loss of profit which come from the contents on
the E4SPORT.COM (including the injuries of third-parties).
6. Furthermore the Service Provider takes no responsibility for the injuries which
come from the usage of the system, or irritating behaviour of a third party, any
infringement, intellectual property, too. The Service Provider is bound to pay any
refund that equals the price of the orderd Service.
7. The service provider does not meddle in the judicial combat, transactions
between Users. In case of any disputation the User decontaminate the service
provider from all claim, pretension, compensation.
8. If the advertisement that were published by the User on the E4SPORT.COM is
injurious, the Service Provider can delete the injuious content.
9. The content, advertisement uploaded on E4SPORT.COM can be inspected by the
Service Provider. The Service Provider can delete the content if it is illicit or goes
againts the requirements defined in present guide.
10. If a third-party, the authority or the court start institute proceeding about the
content that were published by the Advertiser on the E4SPORT.COM, the
Advertiser assumes the refund and the costs in relation with these claims.
Furthermore assumes that he/she does everything, that the Service Provider
asks and that can be expected from him/her in order to get back the repute of the
Service Provider.
11. The Advertiser is bound to use the service for legal purposes and in a legal way.
The Advertiser note that the Service Provider does not publish any
advertisement that goes againts the law of the European Union or Hungary or the
Hungarian advertising code of ethics, or the code of Internet ethics. The Service
Provider does not publish advertisements that contains, advertise illegal activity
or depends non-valid data (even if it is the Advertiser, or the content of the
12. The Advertiser is bound to report any change of data in connection with the
payment in 5 (five) working-days to the Service Provider and change them on the
website. If he/she does not do this or late with it, the Advertiser is bound to pay
the additional costs of the Service Provider. In this case the Service Provider does
not confess the continuos service.
13. Each user is fully responsible for any activity in connection with his/her own
account. Users are bound to inform forthwith the Service Provider about any
unauthorized usage or in case of any security insulting activity. The Service
Provider takes no responsibility for any injury that is a result of incompetent
usage of the passwords or accounts (even if the User knows or does not know
about it). However the User takes all the responsibility for the injuries that the
Service Provider or any third-party endures because of incompetent usage of the
password or account of the User.
14. The Service Provider cooperate with authorities in frames required by law in the
case of any infringement in favour of challenging the infringer.
15. Internet access and every resource (hardware, software and the proper
preferences) that are necessary for using it have to be tackled by the Advertiser.
16. The Service Provider is entitled to follow up public data and to terminate the
contract if the use is illegal or goes againts any point of present Terms.
17. The scrutiny authority of the Service Provider does not decontaminate the
Advertiser from the liability, if the usage is illegal (even if there is a thrid-party).
The Advertiser bound to take every responsibility, if third-party enforces any of
his/her claims.
18. The Advertiser concedes and approves the placement, environment, sequence of
the Advertisements (also the advertisements next to it), that are defined by the
Service Provider. The Advertiser bound to accept the emplacement of other
advertisements or display services on the same page, near his/her own
advertisement (not even if they are rivals of him/her).
19. The User notes that, he/she is not authorized to send any advertisement or other
message which goes againts the business interests of the Service Provider to the
e-mail addresses, that are given on the website by other Users. Every message
especially goes againts the business interests of the Service Provider that are
diverge from the aim of the publishment of the e-mail addresses. If he/she even
do anything like this (despite a forwarming sent by the Service Provider) is
qualified as breach of the contract, so he/she bound to pay penalty. The amount
of the penalty is 100.000 Ft. The Service Provider is authorized to save messages
like these and keep them as evidence.
Service fees
1. Services subjected to fees are shown on the registration page.
2. These fees can be paid only in the payment methods conferred by E4SPORT.COM.
The service is being activated as soon as the PayPal transfer in advance or the
Barion credit card payment is successful, or after the transfer in advance
confirmation as soon as it arrives to the Service Provider.
The method of purchase with Paypal:
The details of the transaction appears on the left side of the website, and the
two choice opportunity on the right side of the website:
a) If you have Paypal account, after you have given your valid identity and
password, you can see part of the pre-given bank card informations and
the payable price. If more than one bank card were given, then you have to
choose the one you want to pay with. After that you have to click on the
Pay Now sign. When the payment is finished the website returns you to
the webshop’s homepage.
b) If you don’t have Paypal account, then you have the opportunity to fill a
form and pay with a Guest Paypal access, without any need of a
registration in the Paypal’s system. The form needs the following
informations (most of them are required to fill in):
c) Country
d) Card number
e) Payment Types
f) Expiration date The expiration date of your bank card
g) CSC CSC kód The 3-digit number on the back of your
bank card (above your sign)
h) First name
i) Last name
j) Address line 1
k) Address line 2 (optional) (It is not required)
l) City
m) State/Province/Region
n) Postal code
o) Telephone A valid telephone number of yours,
which can be used in case your bank needs to get in touch with you. You
have to give the country code and area code.
p) Email address The authentication about the payment
goes to this e-mail address.
If you filled all of the fields, click on the „Review and Continue” button ont
he bottom of the page. There you can check again the given data, the
amount to be paid and the order. If you agree with everything, approve the
trasaction. In a few seconds, you should get an e-mail about the succeded
transaction and the Service Provider gets the notification about the
payment too, and starts the process the order.
3. Currency of the payments: EUR.
4. The Service Provider is authorized to change the Service Fees in anytime, or due
to the inflationary rate (rounded), related to the previous year and published by
the KSH in every january.
5. The Service Provider emits digital or paper-based bill about the depositions,
sending it by email to the email address and using the billing details that can be
seen in Paypal or Barion notification of the received payment.
6. The Service Provider does not pay back the fees (for example: because the
Advertiser changed his/her mind and deleted the his/her account,
advertisement), except the case, if the Service (subjected to fees) is not working
because of E4SPORT.COM, or the Parties dispose uniquely about the case.

Renuncation of the Service
1. If the Advertiser publish any Advertisement on the advertiser platforms, which
goes againts the business interests of the Service Provider , without the written
consent of the E4SPORT.COM, the Service Provider is entitled to delete the
Advertisement without any previous notification.
2. The Service Provider does not publish, and entitled to delete any Advertisement,
which deceptively makes the semblance of an advertisement, that is supported
by the Service Provider.
3. The Service Provider can deny the Service, if it cannot be achievable because of
technical issues, or conflicts any point of present Terms. The Service Provider
suspends the previously published, and the publication of advertisements, that
are againts the General Terms and Conditions.
4. If bankruptcy, compulsory or winding up procedure is started againts the
Advertiser, the Service Provider is entitled to deny a new service, and to suspend
the display of the Advertisement.
5. Simultaneously with the deny of the Service, the Service Provider is entitled to
quit contract with the Advertiser, and in this case the Service Provider has no any
compensatory or warranty obligation.
6. The Service Provider is entitled to particularly or fully suspend the Service,
without the annulment of the contract, even if the Advertiser demean in a way,
when it could give a reason to instant denounce, based on present Terms, and
even, if the Advertiser is late with more than 8 (eight) days with his/her onerous
7. The particular or full suspendation of the Service, because of the above reasons,
do not decontaminate the Advertiser from the payment of the previously enlisted
services. (Not even if they were at the time of or before the liquidation or
dismission.) In these cases the Service Provider is entitled to bill the performed
services by tariff of the advertising system,or based on the contract.
1. The Service Provider retains all rights on the E4SPORT.COM website, in point of
any part of the website and all of its content shown on it, as well as the
propagation of the website.
2. Since the E4SPORT.COM as a website qualifies as a copyright work, download
(multiplication), redistribution to the public, application in any other way,
electronic storage, processing and selling of the content or any part of the
E4SPORT.COM website are prohibited without the written consent of the Service
3. Copying any material from the E4SPORT.COM website and from its database even
if the written consent of the Service Provider has been acquired is only possible
with reference to the website.
4. Service Provider retains all rights for all elements of its service, for the domain
names, the secondary domain names formed using the primary ones and for the
advertisement interfaces on the Internet. Use of the service can not result in
decompiling of the source code by anyone or the intellectual property of the
Service Provider can not get offended in any other way.
5. Adaptation or decompiling of the content or parts of the E4SPORT.COM website,
creation of usernames and passwords in dishonest way and the use of any
application with which the E4SPORT.COM website or any part of it could be
modified or indexed are prohibited. (for example: web crawler, or any other
is under copyright protection, its use is only possible with the written consent of
the Service Provider except for referencing (link).
7. The User can download some parts of the website on his/her hard drive or print
them out, but he/she is not allowed for further usage, spread, xerography,
takeover, store in database, making downloadable, or sell of the content.
Right of renunciation
According to the European Parliament and Council Directorate 2011/83/EU and to the
a.) and m.) point of the 29.§ (1) paragraph of the Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.)
on the detailed regulation of contracts between consumers and companies, the
Customer may not desist from the contract.
Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy of the E4SPORT.COM can be found on:

Other provisions
1. If any part of the present terms and conditions becomes void, illegal or not
enforceable it will have no effect on the legality of the rest of the parts
2. If the Service Provider does not exercise the right due based on the terms and
conditions it cannot be regarded as abandonment of the given right. Any
abandonment of rights is only valid with a written statement of the very issue.
The fact that the Service Provider does not take a given condition of the terms
and conditions strictly does not mean that it abandons possibility of taking the
condition strictly in the near future.
3. Service Provider and the Customer are committed to settle their dispute without
involving the court. If the Advertiser and the Service Provider can’t make a
settlement under 30 (thirty) calendar days in their dispute, covered by present
Terms, the Court (based on the headquarter of the Service Provider) is
competent to settle their dispute.
4.1. The purpose of our website is to fufill all the orders in good quality, for the
satisfaction of the customer. If the customer has any plaint in connection of
the contract or fulfillment of the contract, the plaint can be reported per
telephone, e-mail or letter.
4.2. The Provider checks the claim immediately, and repair that. If the customer
does not agree with the repair of the claim, or the check is not possible
immediately, the Provider take a record immediately about the claim and the
point of view. The customer get a copy as well.
4.3. The written claim will be answered in 30 days. In case of dismission, the
Provider give a reasoned statement. The Provider keep the record and the
copy of the record for 3 years and in case the Provider appropriate it for the
control board.
4.4. We inform you, in case of the claim got declined, customers can apply for
relief to the conciliatory proceeding with the following contacts.
4.5. In the case of a complaint the Customer may calls for the Hungarian Authority
for Consumer Protection:
Based on the 387/2016. (XII. 2.) edict, firstinstance the regional organization,
secondly the Pest Megyei Kormányhivatal acts in case of public
administrations. The regional organizations can be found:
4.6. In the case of a complaint the Customer may calls for the Reconciliation Board
given below:
Bács-Kiskun Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 6000 Kecskemét, Árpád krt. 4.
Telefonszáma: (76) 501-525, (76) 501-500
Fax száma: (76) 501-538
Név: Mátyus Mariann
E-mail cím: bkmkik@mail.datanet.hu;
Baranya Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 7625 Pécs, Majorossy Imre u. 36.
Levelezési címe: 7602 Pécs, Pf. 109.
Telefonszáma: (72) 507-154
Fax száma: (72) 507-152
Név: Dr. Bodnár József
E-mail cím: bekelteto@pbkik.hu;
Békés Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 5601 Békéscsaba, Penza ltp. 5.
Telefonszáma: (66) 324-976, 446-354, 451-
Fax száma: (66) 324-976
Név: Dr. Bagdi László
E-mail cím: bmkik@bmkik.hu;
Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Megyei Békéltető
Címe: 3525 Miskolc, Szentpáli u. 1.
Telefonszáma: (46) 501-091, 501-870
Fax száma: (46) 501-099
Név: Dr. Tulipán Péter
E-mail cím: kalna.zsuzsa@bokik.hu;
Budapesti Békéltető Testület
Címe: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99.
Telefonszáma: (1) 488-2131
Fax száma: (1) 488-2186
Név: Dr. Baranovszky György
E-mail cím: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu;
Csongrád Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 6721 Szeged, Párizsi krt. 8-12.
Telefonszáma: (62) 554-250/118 mellék
Fax száma: (62) 426-149
Név: Dékány László, Jerney Zoltán
E-mail cím: bekelteto.testulet@csmkik.hu;
Fejér Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Hosszúsétatér 4-6.
Telefonszáma: (22) 510-310
Fax száma: (22) 510-312
Név: Kirst László
E-mail cím: fmkik@fmkik.hu;
Győr-Moson-Sopron Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 9021 Győr, Szent István út 10/a.
Telefonszáma: (96) 520-202; 520-217
Fax száma: (96) 520-218
Név: Horváth László
E-mail cím: bekeltetotestulet@gymskik.hu;
Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 4025 Debrecen, Petőfi tér 10.
Telefonszáma: (52) 500-749
Fax száma: (52) 500-720
Név: Dr. Hajnal Zsolt
E-mail cím: info@hbkik.hu;
Heves Megyei Békéltető Testület
Címe: 3300 Eger, Faiskola út 15.
Levelezési címe: 3301 Eger, Pf. 440.
Telefonszáma: (36) 416-660/105 mellék
Fax száma: (36) 323-615
Név: Pintérné Dobó Tünde
E-mail cím: tunde@hkik.hu;
Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok Megyei Békéltető
Címe: 5000 Szolnok, Verseghy park 8.
Telefonszáma: (56) 510-610
Fax száma: (56) 370-005
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4.7. Reconciliation Boards take care of dispute of the consumers if it is not
handled in judicial way. The aim of Reconciliation Boards is to make an
agreement between the parties in order to settle the dispute of the
consumers, but if it fails, they make a simple, effective and cost-effective
decision to enforce the rights of the consumers. The Reconciliation Board
gives advice at the request of the consumer or the Service Provider in
connection with the rights of the consumer and the obligations of the
4.8. In case of online trading or cross-border dispute of consumers in connection
with online service contracts, only the Reconciliation Board is assignee, which
is working next to the Chamber commerce in Budapest.
4.9. If the Customer has complaint, she/he can use the Online Dispute Resolution.
It only requires a registration in the system of the European Commission,
click here. Then, after a log in, the customer can remonstrate via the online
website: http://ec.europa.eu/odr
4.10. In the procedure of the Reconciliation Board the Service Provider has mutual
assistance obligation. Because of that the Service Provider needs to send
answer to the Reconciliation Board and needs to have a person who is
entitled to make an agreement on the audition. If the headquarter of the
company is not registered in the county known by the chamber which is
operating the regional reconciliation board, the obligation of the company in
the co-operation is to offer the possibility of the written agreement based on
the demands of the consumer.
Budapest, 21 August 2017